The Concept Development Group was established in 2003 in Warsaw. Currently it operates in Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Israel and the USA. The company is engaged in investments within the framework of two key sectors of the property market: office buildings and parks and residential buildings. Competences and international experience combined with knowledge about the local property market guarantee high quality of rendered services.

The Concept Development Group completed or is in the course of completion of the following projects:

Green architecture

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In its investments, the Group applies the principles of balanced construction. The company uses recyclable materials and certified ecological raw materials. The buildings are equipped with modern technologies reducing consumption of electric power and heating. The buildings developed by Concept Development contribute to protection of the natural environment and their functioning is cheaper than that of traditional structures.

Office designs developed by Concept Development are created pursuant to strict international ecological certification systems such as LEED (Concept Tower) and Green Building (Concept Business Park).